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I miss lj
kids march '11

I miss it here!! I keep telling myself that I'm going to start posting again and then I don't!

Wedding planning is going well. 4.5 months to go. We have venue booked, pastor booked, dress bought, rings bought. We only really to worry about Scott's outfit (he's wearing his military whites), marriage license and decorations. We have paid photographer and my cake is being made my my cousins gf. Everything is really coming together. And time is flying!
Scott has brought up wanting to have another baby after we get married. For years I told him I wanted 3 and he said 2 was enough. Now I've come to terms with not having another and he says he wants a third. Lol figures. It's something we'll have to think long and hard on first. We definitely need a bigger place if we do. As well as bigger car etc.

Bought my wedding band the other day. I chose a sapphire band. It's different and I love it.

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Congrats on your engagement! I love the wedding band that you chose

Your band is beautiful! Great choice!

Congrats on having things so organized, Denis wore his mess kit for our wedding, the whites will be very handsome! I think you are getting married on the same weekend as we did almost 9 years ago!

I miss the way LJ used to be, it has been hard for me to try to get back into it.

time sure is flying! Gorgeous band :)

SO exciting!! you must be so happy- I know this is what you have wanted for awhile- enjoy it all and be a princess on your day- YEAH!

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