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kids march '11

Hey long time since I posted!!
Things are going great for me.
Scott and I are engaged (finally!. Getting married August 18 of this year.
Kids are great. Abby turns 6 next weekend!!
I went out with some girls this evening.
Here's a pic of my friend Amanda (left) and I :)

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Hey, there you are !!! Congrats. I got engaged also. When did you? Are you on facebook?


Officially on January 13, our 8th anniversary.
When are you guys getting married?
Ps/ added you!

Congrats! (and you look amazing!)

Congrats! So happy for you guys! I was wondering if you'd come back to LJ :)
Would like to catch up.
My facebook page is:

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CONGRATS- on the engagement- I think the first post I ever read you were talking of wanting to get married so awesome news- you also look like you have lost a ton of weight! way to go!

Thank you! Yes we've been together for 8 years, it was about time! Ha ha</p>

And thanks for the compliment. I've lost 85 lbs in the last 15-16 months :)

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