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kids march '11

Hi :)
Hope all is well with you guys.
We are doing well. Really starting to get in the Christmas spirit. I just put the outside lights up and we are going to dig out the ceramic Christmas tree later on tonight.
Kids are growing like weeds!! I will have to post some recent pics of them soon.
I havent run all that much so far this month. I started the bridge to 10k program but I have been slack with it. The time change and cold weather is killing my motivation.
I had a boudoir photo shoot done earlier this week. I cannot wait to get them back!! Photographer messages me last night to say she'd start working on them today. I'm on edge waiting!!

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Is a boudoir photo shoot what I think it is? the pictures would be for scott?

Tasteful photo shoot. No nudes or anything. Partly for Scott, partly for me to celebrate loosing 75 lbs. I'll upload a few. It was so much fun!!!

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